Bogo Jewelry

Exceptional Diamonds, Exceptional Custom Jewelry

Combining precision craftmanship with decades of experience in procuring extraordinary diamonds, Bogo Jewelry creates exquisite one-of-a-kind pieces to reflect each individual client’s vision. Purchasing directly from manufacturers and cutters in Israel, Antwerp and New York, Bogo Jewelry offers exceptional stones at exceptional value. As owner, Barry Bogo specializes in transforming the old into the new by recreating, as well as restoring, heirloom jewelry into current, fresh, functional designs that will also stand the test of time.


Get Inspired

It takes individual collaboration and expertly-chosen diamonds and color stones to craft timeless, custom-made fine jewelry that captures our client’s imagination. More than anything, we value our customers’ preference and vision in our approach to the design process. Each and every piece is original; no two pieces are alike. We welcome you to peruse our Lookbook for ideas and inspiration to acquire a uniquely personal piece to fit your occasion.

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